Working Depth Camera / SDK for M2 Mac - apple silicon

Im running macos ventura on a macstudio m2, and still looking for a solution to use any depth camera and SDK for real time body tracking; Even if i cant receive data on touchdesigner I’ll be happy to get a simple silhuete so i can stream it via ndi to Resolume or Mad Mapper. Any suggestions??’

Have you found an option? I am in a similar situation. Just started to research this.

Hi, I came across your post from January 19th. I’m also interested in finding a way to integrate depth camera data into TouchDesigner, even if it’s just for capturing simple silhouettes to stream.

Has anyone else in the community experimented with similar setups or found compatible SDKs that work well with macOS Ventura? Any tips on how to at least get a silhouette output would be greatly appreciated. Looking forward to any suggestions or shared experiences!