wrnchAI vs Azure Kinect | Skeleton tracking

I haven’t used neither Azure Kinect nor wrnchAI. However I would like to do Skeleton tracking and seeing wrnchAI here got me thinking. I am wondering what might be a better option in terms of accuracy and price.

Please what do you think about accuracy of wrnchAI? Does Azure Kinect provide better results due to its depth sensor?

I thought it might be possible to just use phone camera, send it to PC using NDI and process with wrnchAI. Does anyone know what is the price of wrnchAI? I am wondering whether it would be cheaper than buying Azure Kinect. Thanks! :slight_smile:

If i remember correctly, you’ve got 3 plans:
500$ monthly
2800$ half an year
5000$ a year
WrnchAi is still for 2D tracking… did few tests and seemed to me 3D tracking is still a bit under-developed
I’ve posted a test in facebook help group… search for wrnch


Thank you very much for information!

If anyone wants to try WrnchAI build we have ready, please contact us at support@derivative.ca. It requires a Pro license.


Hi @ben, pro license required?! I mean, wrnch 3D tracking isn’t even mature… I believe devs will use it as faster alternative to kinect for some aplications. I was waiting for a release in which wrnch.ai would require a commercial license :frowning: I guess i’ll just keep on develop my own wrnch integration OP… Not dificult, just time consuming since my MVP took me more than a week :frowning:

I haven’t tested 3d tracking too much yet, but the 2D tracking is very good, and as you said, fast. Yes, you will need TouchDesigner Pro license for the wrnchAI CHOP.

Well to be fair I’d say it’s quite a bit more than “just an alternative to Kinect” it’s also a totally different usecase, as Wrnch can already work on any video signal, which opens a lot more options for interactive installations, sensor distance, and can also perform in direct sunlight.

However apart from Touchdesigner Pro one still needs to pay for WrnchAI license in order to use it commercially right?

@monty_python Yes, It’s a 3rd party SDK that required separate license, similar to Scalable Displays or Vioso I guess.

There is no way we can license wrnchAI into TouchDesigner’s licensing, its not really an option. But we’re happy to offer the integration to those who want to use wrnchAI technology.

All right, thanks for info :slight_smile: I just wanted to make sure this is the case.