wrnchAI vs Azure Kinect | Skeleton tracking

I haven’t used neither Azure Kinect nor wrnchAI. However I would like to do Skeleton tracking and seeing wrnchAI here got me thinking. I am wondering what might be a better option in terms of accuracy and price.

Please what do you think about accuracy of wrnchAI? Does Azure Kinect provide better results due to its depth sensor?

I thought it might be possible to just use phone camera, send it to PC using NDI and process with wrnchAI. Does anyone know what is the price of wrnchAI? I am wondering whether it would be cheaper than buying Azure Kinect. Thanks! :slight_smile:

If i remember correctly, you’ve got 3 plans:
500$ monthly
280$ half an year
5000$ a year
WrnchAi is still for 2D tracking… did few tests and seemed to me 3D tracking is still a bit under-developed
I’ve posted a test in facebook help group… search for wrnch


Thank you very much for information!