Ximea camera support

Curious what product lines of Ximea cameras are supported, or rather if any are known to be unsupported.

They have several camera interfaces, ranging from from USB3 to PCIe. Would be amazing to have the raw bandwidth of that PCIe interface…

The only one we’ve actually tested is the MC124CG-SY-UB model. In theory other ones should work too, but we havn’t been able to test more.
If you purchase one that doesn’t work, we should be able to get a loaner from Ximea to fix the integration for that model.

I have this exact model connected and only seeing a black TOP. It’s recognized in the “device” tab under “Ximea” library.

The live feed does show up in the Ximea camera tool application, so hardware is working.

Is the library dependent on the external Ximea system drivers?

It requires the driver to be installed, but if you are seeing it in their external tool and listed within TD then I’d assume you have that installed.

I was thinking it may have to do with the triggering mechanism. I set it to free-run in the Ximea Camera app, but it doesn’t seem to be updating any frames in TD.

That’s annoying, I’ll get one sent to me so I can take a look.

This will be fixed in builds 2020.26520 and later.