XR/ Mixed Reality color space calibration in Touch

Hey I’m working with a team that is trying to set up a mixed reality set up with an LED wall and an LED floor. They are looking into buying disguise one d3 and I installed the demo and I can’t really tell what that it does that Touchdesigner can’t do aside from calibrating the color space of both the floor and the wall. I’ve been todl that disguise has a way to do this by setting up a camera and pointing it at both the floor and the wall and then it performs an iterative process that analyzes both and matches them up, they said the process can take a hour. I was wondering if anyone here would be able to give me some insight if this is can be done in Touch? I would appreciate any help we can get with this!

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Hi, I am also interested in this topic. Unfortunately I haven’t got answer for this problem, but at least I might share some related information.
I am not sure how exactly d3 performs color calibration, but some time ago I have been doing monitor calibrations with DisplayCal and it worked quite nicely. There are ton of options and therefore color space related knowledge is required to perform calibration correctly. I am not sure how could one go about LED calibration as I have never done anything at such scale, but I guess the principles should be the same as when working with monitors. Goal would be to produce some LUT that would eventually correct colorimeter error.

However I see two problems that might arise in such calibration.

  1. Calibration is usually done with colorimeter, not regular camera. However I guess your goal is to calibrate LED to look good on camera. I am not sure how could one go about this…
    Anyways, I would presume calibration should work as long as both LED and camera are correctly calibrated - even though separately. Therefore I guess it should be fine to calibrate LED directly with the use of colorimeter (such as the one you can get for a good price from x-rite) and in case camera is also properly calibrated, it should look good on camera.
    But maybe it would be easier to just point colorimeter at some good monitor that would be displaying signal from camera capturing LED. This way you would create LUT that would correct error of both LED and camera, but also of monitor (which not what you want but it might eventually be negligible difference).

  2. How to properly send signal from DisplayCal to LED screen. DisplayCal normally just outputs color to your monitor. I am not sure how is your LED connected, but this could theoretically work just by grabbing your screen in TD and sending it out using whichever connection you are using. However I am not sure if latency of this whole setup won’t be another problem as colorimeter could report old values for some time period of each color test. But maybe DisplayCal has already taken care of such issues.

I hope at least some of these ideas might help you. I would like to perform such calibration myself at some point in time so I hope it would eventually somehow work. :slight_smile: