ZED 2 camera SDK 3.0


I am having issues with the camera ZED 2 from Stereolabs. The device won’t connect with the sdk 2.7
I’m using Build 2019.15840

Is there a possibility to have the ZED sdk 3.0.2 compatibility in the next TD versions?

Looking forward for it!
Thank you :slight_smile:

I second the motion. Although I don’t have a ZED 2 yet, I do have the original and will buy a ZED 2 as soon as it’s supported with the newer SDK.

I just installed the 3.02 sdk and Cuda 10.2 on my new machine, but trying to add the TOP to my project locks up TD.

Is it the SDK version, the Cuda version, or a combination of both causing this? If so, what is the “known good” versions of Zed SDK and Cuda for use with TouchDesigner?