ZED SDK integration & network stream supported

Hello all,

I am planning to use OAK -D LR and ZED 2i camera in parallel for an upcoming project. I want to get the best of both worlds.

I have never played with the latter, the ZED.
I believe the SDK is fully integrated? (Object tracking - Body tracking)

Does the SDK support data streaming over ethernet as it is described here:

The ZED is connected to a Jetson Nano (with the SDK installed). The Nano encodes the data to be sent over Ethernet.
On the receiver side, the ZED SDK has to be initialized for the use of a stream as input : specification of the IP address and port of the sender.
Is that option available?
USB 3.0 over long distances is a real pain in the neck


Currently we haven’t integrated the streaming features of the ZED SDK, sorry. I’ll add it to our RFE list though


+1 for this. We are setting up a studio with Jetson Orin’s and it would be very convenient to be able to stream to TouchDesigner