"Zero delay" USB arcade encoders

Hey everyone,

Has anyone tried using these cheap arcade encoders for input into TD?

amazon.ca/Reyann-Arcade-Enc … B00UUROWWK

It uses generic Windows Joystick drivers, but what feedback does it produce going into TD?

Yep, used them a few times. I’m big fan as they are super cheap, require zero setup and can be easily hooked up to any kind of contact switch. The buttons just come in as regular 0/1 CHOP channels in the joysyick CHOP.

The board I’ve used is the one labelled as the ‘old version’ on that listing. Never used the joystick or the function keys, not sure if you get smooth input or just simple 8-directional control

Nice! Got a set of encoders - achieved joystick up, down, left, right. as well as 6 other buttons! Not sure how reliable/stable they are considering the cost of them, but am eager to test them out.