Zig Sim Pro QRC Scanning


I’m in the process of creating an art installation for a corporate client and trying to sort out how I to use Zig Sim Pro to scan QR codes into TD. Here’s the idea in short: A person will type an inspirational statement into a separate computer system that will print out a receipt with a QR code. The text data assigned to the QR code is that persons quote. They can then take walk through a maze of projection mapped text animations. They scan their QR code at each art “station” with an ipad running ZSP to see their words population the text animations in real time.

On my IOS device running ZSP I can see the imagedetect:qrmessage coming through correctly. That particular piece of data doesn’t seem to be streaming into TD like the other data is though. What am I missing here? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Here is a screenshot of ZSP running on my IOS device. I’m new here so I could only post 1 image.

Since that data looks like ‘string’ format data, you should check out the OSC In DAT. It will come in there if ZIG SIM is sending it.

Great, that solved my issue. Thanks so much Ben!