Zig Zag single LED strip

I want to use one LED strip in my DMX out and format them in a Zig zag formation so that I can use just one channel to display a series of light patterns coming from a [video file in] is that possible?
I got an answer from chat gpt but I’m not sure how to do it, can anyone recommend me a tutorial video that has this topic explained ?

I am using macOS so I still have this issue where it cannot connect to the DMX USB PRO device I have, and I have literally tried every option that experts suggested in this forum.

Hey @ZJ24,

while a bit older, most basic ideas still hold up from this video here: Intro to TouchDesigner for Pixel Mapping – Ben Voigt and Markus Heckmann – AllTouchDesigner

It also explains the process of mapping onto various shapes - so it can be applied to a zigzag pattern.

Did you see the note on the DMX Out CHOP page about connecting the USB Pro on MacOS:


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I have tried all these terminal suggestions they just don’t work, whats more curious is that is issue appears on all other laptops i tried. Windows and Mac