Zoom UI on Images, Panels, Ortho Cams

updated Feb 11:

Similar to the Network Editor navigation, here are 3 components that let you navigate images, panels and ortho cameras in a similar way:

zoomImage - images in TOP viewers so you can better inspect them in UIs you build.

zoomOrthoCamera - orthographic cameras on 3D scenes

zoomPanel - you can zoom into any panel and interact with it as you normally do with panels.

The interactions are:

  • the mouse roller wheel expands/shrinks the view, centered at the mouse pointer
  • left mouse button pans (except panels currently)
  • middle mouse button zooms (except panels currently)
  • h-key homes

This is really one component configured 3 ways through their Type page.

Included is a Camera COMP “camZoomOrtho” you can use directly with a Render TOP for interactive orthographic camera views.

Included is moviePlayer (from palette) retrofitted with zoomImage so you can zoom and inspect pixels while a movie plays.

works with recent Experimentals only. 163.toe is version 2.
ZoomUserInterface.163.toe (116 KB)

This is a bit more elegant than my hack of the arcBallCamera to do the same thing. Cheers Greg!

Hi R, were you hacking arcBallCamera for making a better navigator of 3D perspective scenes? I’d like to tackle 3D perspective scenes with a similar approach.

In parallel we are now developing better built-in navigation for SOP viewers and Geo viewers, so this will all dovetail together in making better 3D scene navigation in TouchDesigner, long overdue.

But basically, for building 2D panels, I’ve often wanted to zoom in a panel, look closely, do something, and zoom back. Especially as the screen is filled with more and more, smaller and smaller gadgets in our applications. So especially try zoomPanel and see if it’s OK.

Yay,cant wait !

these are pretty useful, thanks for sharing Greg.

in the zoomPanel, use LMB to pan does not seem to work

in the zoomPanel, use LMB to pan does not seem to work

thanks, still trying to figure this out - to make pan-zoom work when you click on empty parts of a panel that have no gadgets (click-through).

For others who try this, it doesn’t work with older builds. I’m on 26750.

I’ve been hacking it to disable rotation and attaching to an ortho cam for use in a node editor I’ve built and also for timeline control panels:


Sorry, this works on Experimental only!

Our older eyes thank you very much!

Rodd McLaughlin

Version 2 uploaded:

  • corrected the click-drag zooming to remain centered where you clicked.
  • inspecting pixels when zoomed closely works correctly with OrthoCamera and Image.
  • better handling of differing aspect ratios of images/orthocams vs panel size
  • added example of zoomImage within moviePlayer (from palette).
  • 163.toe fixes inspect pixel’s blue value being incorrect.

works with recent Experimentals only.