Zooming into a large texture (real-time)

Hello everyone.

I’m attempting to set up a real-time camera that zooms in and out on various areas of a large image (24000 on the big edge).
It should be confined to the edges (xy) and to the maximum 1:1 ratio for zooming in and out (z), taking lateral constraints into account. Also it shouldn’t be resolution dependant.

I attempted TOPs (crop/fit) because the math for limiting the “camera” was easier, but my performance dropped. Texturing a grid SOP works well, but I’m having trouble with the math for constraining the 3D camera.

Is there anything else I could try?

Are you using an orthographic camera? Definitely zooming around using a camera and a textured grid is the way to go.

Yes, I’m using an orthographic camera but I’m having trouble limiting the camera to the edges of the grid and the right frustum math in order to limit the zooming.

Thanks for the answer!